The Partner programs at Analog Devices offers an expansive list of collaborative partners seeking to assist in design projects across a wide range of markets and industries. Our partners’ hardware and software, coupled with expert design services, will enable you to find the best solutions for your design challenges and needs. Join our Alliances program, visit our PartnerZone, or explore one of our technologies to connect with industry-leading partners.



The Alliances program offers designers access to a broad spectrum of technology providers and industry expertise. For our partners, Alliances is an opportunity to learn more about our technologies and roadmaps to proactively provide complementary capabilities.



Visit PartnerZone, ADI’s Design Partner Network community on EngineerZone. Easily connect with electronic design service companies and access their expertise with applying ADI technology across a wide range of markets and industries.

Companion Semiconductor Reference Designs

Companion Semiconductor Reference Designs

Through collaboration with industry-leading suppliers, we aim to simplify FPGA and microprocessor system design with the ongoing development of complete reference design solutions and tools. Analog Devices makes it easy to connect our components by offering HDL code, device drivers, and reference project examples for rapid prototyping and reduced development time.


Hyperion Partner Portal

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RadioVerse Partners

RadioVerse is a design and technology ecosystem with advanced SDR platforms, tools, reference designs, evaluation systems, software, and more. Our partners offer reference designs, services and products to help you create the best solution for your design needs.


SmartMesh Partners

SmartMesh® embedded wireless mesh networks deliver >99.999% data reliability and >10-year battery life, making it practical to deploy wireless sensor networks (WSNs) in the most challenging environments. With ready-to-use SmartMesh sensors and gateways, engineering design services, and cloud/gateway software platforms, our SmartMesh Partners can help.